Structural Engineering

Logsys Power Services has partnered with Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. (USA) to bring to Australia cutting-edge pole technology and a 50-year proven track record in pole engineering, pole restoration and pole strength upgrading.

Wood Pole Engineering

The Osmose pole restoration systems are designed to restore poles weakened by decay or other damage so they exceed minimum structural requirements. Osmose systems restore the required strength of a pole at groundline, usually for less than 20% of the cost of pole replacement and can upgrade pole capacity by between 30% to 40% dependent on species, for approximately 30% of the cost of pole replacement.

The most exciting contribution of the Osmose services is the introduction of the Osmose banding method of fixing reinforcement to poles. Not only does this banding method have over 40 years of proven track record, but the radial force effect from banding provides a positive and enhancing effect on the timber pole as opposed to the current destructive convention of bolting reinforcing to poles.

Advanced Structural Resiliency Study

Logsys engineers utilize OsmoVision®, a suite of cutting-edge hardware and software, to document power grid vulnerabilities and strengths and provide turnkey engineering analyses. OsmoVision utilizes a combination of proprietary LiDAR point cloud classification and imagery recognition tools to generate an accurate digital twin of utility structures. Read more about OsmoVision and the solutions it powers.

Pole Loading & Digital Measuring Technology

Logsys combines highly trained field resources, the latest measurement and data collection tools, an industry-leading design software package, O-Calc® Pro, and experienced engineering staff to provide cost-effective pole loading and clearance analysis services for a wide range of projects such as:

  • Time-sensitive broadband build-out initiatives;
  • Compliance with third party attachment agreements or requirements;
  • Regulatory compliance for changes or additions to existing poles;
  • Make-ready design;
  • Look to Logsys to supplement your current staff or to provide turnkey services

Logsys can perform the services listed below as a turnkey process or à la carte to meet your specific project goals. Giving you the ability to customize services helps you meet the needs of your project while also allowing you the freedom to allocate your staff where their particular skills are most needed.

  • Field data collection
  • Structural analysis
  • Clearance analysis, to tu

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