Company Profile

Logsys Power Services was established in 2006 as an Australian-operated organization. Logsys services include pole restoration and strengthening, wood pole maintenance and treatment, underground services, asset inspection, and street lighting. Logsys has built a solid reputation with its customers for safety, quality, and dependability in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2018 Logsys partnered with Osmose Utilities Services Inc and is now a jointly operated company that employs 100+ employees locally and 5,000 globally. Osmose was established in 1934 in New York USA and today over 9 million utility structures are visited annually

Logsys-Osmose takes great pride in its ability to implement successful planning, scheduling, project management, and execution of large projects.

Our Delivery Team has the commitment, capability, and experience to plan and execute the customer scope of work safely, consistently and in line with customer needs and requirements. Logsys-Osmose has the support and access to expertise from Osmose Utilities Services Inc in the USA.

To service our customers nationally, Logsys-Osmose has established major offices and logistic hubs in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Port Hedland.

Nature of Business
  • Wood Pole Reinforcing/Restoration
  • Pole Strength Upgrading (ET-TrussTM )
  • Network Inspection Services & Life Extension
  • Corrosion Mitigation and Life Extension
  • Steel Pole Concrete Reinforcing iNjectapole®
  • Underground Power Installations
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Structural Engineering
Operational Team

Logsys-Osmose dedicated Operational Team have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the electrical utility industry executing programs for Utilities, Rail, and Power.

Our highly experienced staff are responsible for ensuring all works are thoroughly planned and meet safety, program, and quality requirements whilst being kept on target and within budget