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Powerline Constuction and Maintenance


Liveline Glove and Barrier/Stick

  • Live routine maintenance up to and including 33kv
  • New Installations and connections
  • Line refurbishments
  • Pole replacements
  • Emergency and Breakdown repairs

Asset Replacements

  • Wood and Metal pole replacements
  • Stringing of overhead and aerial bundle conductors
  • Design and construction up to 33kv
  • Pole top transformers
  • Pad mount transformers
  • Regulators
  • Reclosures
  • Ring main units

Spray Washing

  • Removal of Salt and pollution by insulator washing
  • Silicone Application
  • Pole top fire control


  • Wood and Metal pole replacements
  • Design and construction up to 132kv
  • Substation maintenance
  • Stringing of overhead conductors
  • Insulator washing
  • Sylgard application
  • Emergency and breakdown repairs