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Environmental Management Systems

Logsys Power Services provides electrical contracting and pole inspection services to power service providers.

Our aim is to carry out all activities in an ecologically sound manner, following the guiding principle of continual improvement and with the eventual goal of sustainable development.

We strive for the highest standards in all our operations, products and services, motivated by acute awareness of the best international practices. We integrate environmental considerations in our business decision-making. We have an overriding commitment to the market, and sensitivity to the needs and interests of our customers. To achieve these high standards, an Environmental Management System which meets the requirements of AS/NZS – ISO 14001 has been developed and implemented.

To sustain and protect the environment our objectives are to:

  • Minimise the environmental effects of air, water and ground pollution as a result of our work practices in earthworks and vehicle usage;
  • Comply with the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation, regulation code and polices;
  • Document and analyse environmental incidents and upgrade our Environmental Program in order to facilitate continuous improvement;
  • Conduct environmental audits of all our operations to ensure that waste and pollution is minimised;
  • Regulate and improve our processes to cause the least possible impact on the environment;
  • Liaise with suppliers and customers to facilitate the best possible environment practices;
  • Co-operate with the appropriate authorities and technical organisations in the formation of standards and the means of compliance.

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