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The Plug&Sun™: a mobile and efficient solar generator
for clean, decentralised electricity

  • Highly efficient Soitec CPV modules
  • Mobile and easy to install
  • Modular power available 24/7
  • Stand-alone, reliable and robust

The Plug&Sun™ has been designed for use in areas and applications where peak power demand is not so great as well as remote areas such as mine sites and farms, or anywhere with limited or no access to grid power. It uses Soitec CPV technology to deliver 3.4kW and can store up to 18kWh a day; suitable for average household energy consumption.

The Plug&Sun is adjusted to match local electrical standards, allowing a simple and practical way of connecting common electrical devices. Coupled with batteries, the Plug&SunTM will provide electricity 24/7.

The unit's legs are adjustable, enabling it to sit on irregular ground, with wheels to allow for easy movement from one site to the next as required. Out of the box the whole Plug&Sun™ unit requires just 2.5 hours to set up by two people, neither of whom requires any specific skills to set it up or move it. The control box utilises GPS technology to automatically position itself every time the system starts, with Wi-Fi technology allowing you to monitor, track and adjust system operations.

Note: Only able to provide single phase output - for 3 phase requirements see the Plug&Sun+

Product Description

Fast and Easy Installation

A Safe and Quick Connection

System Components

Module Type Soitec CX M400
Tracker Type Dual-axis tracking
Module array area 4.2m2
Maximum DC power per tracker 1.12 kWp
Daily energy produced per tracker 6.7 kWh
Maximum height 2.4m
Footprint 2.6m x 2.6m
Weight 340kg
Wind resistance Up to 40 m/s
Maximum number of trackers per system 3
Central Box Energy Storage Capacity Up to 18 kWh
Output 120V/60 Hz or 220V 50 Hz up to 3000 W
Input Options Tracker, batteries, grid or other generator
System monitoring and control Wireless connection (Wi-Fi)
Batteries Type and capacity sized for the project
Frame Mobility Wheeled